FlourishiQ isn’t your average activity tracker; it’s a lifestyle changer. Developed with a team of experts, the clinical-grade device and comprehensive smartphone app give you a better picture of your overall well-being, with real-time feedback and concrete strategies that you can put into action right away.

FlourishiQ can also help companies – big and small – improve the well-being of their employees. It empowers them to look at their own habits and work to their own goals. Your employees benefit from improved health, and you benefit from improved productivity and lower costs.
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Information you can act on
Your health is affected by your habits: what you do, what you eat and drink, and how you take care of yourself. FlourishiQ gives you the tools to develop good habits. A multi-function wearable monitor detects stress and other wellness indicators. A sophisticated smartphone app analyzes the information, compares it against your goals, and provides feedback and guidance. You can see how one aspect of your health impacts another and immediately take action.

Tested for safety. Secured for peace of mind.
Components are designed and manufactured to comply with FDA, Health Canada, and CE/UL regulations. Data travels safely and securely over a Bluetooth® connection. Information storage meets HIPPA and PHIPA
requirements and information is managed securely in the cloud, giving you instant access to metrics.
Assessment, intervention, reassessment
FlourishiQ can do more with your information. The in-depth information cycle pinpoints areas to work on and helps you change your behaviors incrementally. You see how to reduce your stress, improve your sleep, boost your digestion, and ramp up your performance. The measurable goals and moderated approach make sure that you keep going.

Personalized well-being
FlourishiQ goes beyond just measuring your stats – it acts as a virtual coach. If it senses that you are stressed, it suggests taking a break before the stress builds too much.And, with additional monitors, the FlourishiQ platform can help your whole family find better health.
FlourishiQ is your newest employee health plan
In a recent study, almost 90% of employers ranked improving workplace health and productivity as a top priority. To get the most from your health programs, you need to know how beneficial they are. The FlourishiQ platform gives you that information. Group-level health information, combined with information about how employees use your benefit plan, allow you to find your best offering. Get the most for your company, while still giving the most to your employees.

Big benefits for small businesses
If you are a small business, you can’t always afford a complete wellness package for your employees. But, your employees are just as important to the success of your business. FlourishiQ can fill in these gaps, with medical-grade data and timely feedback, so your employees can keep their health up, and you can keep your business going.
About Us
Taking control of your health can seem like an insurmountable challenge.
But it doesn’t have to be.
FlourishiQ started because its founder recognized that people wanted to do more to take control of their well-being; they just needed the right tools. Frustrated after a workplace accident, Hardy started focusing on whole-body health as part of his recovery plan. Unable to find the proper tools to help him with this goal, he started working with psychologists, medical doctors, mathematicians, and other experts to develop a comprehensive platform that could create a more complete picture of how the body and mind work together. That platform – the FlourishiQ platform – knows how behavior and lifestyle choices impact health. It lets you take charge of your own health.
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